Saturday, October 1, 2005

Wife of former US Ambassador endorses accused child abuser

10-1-05 dateline St. Petersburg, Florida.

Betty Sembler once forced Canadian Marc Emery to issue a public apology for calling her a "court certified child abuser". How correct she was for neither Betty Sembler or her husband Melvin have ever been held accountable for the sins of their Straight program in any court of law--anywhere. Furthermore, we have never heard of one incident, not one, of either Melvin Sembler or Betty Sembler ever personally harming anyone.

For 17 years Straight Inc. brutalized, terrorized and mentally and physically abused kids all over America. And while Melvin and Betty never personally touched anyone, the man they hired to run Straight sure did. He threw one little girl to the floor and dragged her by her hair saying "I want this girl the fuck out of my group." He threw another against a wall. He fled Florida and Straight in the 80s on the heels of criminal and state child welfare investigations. He opened his own chain of second-generation Straights based in New Jersey. State criminal and child welfare authorities closed his programs for abusing children all over the country. He and his program settled with clients for $11 million for abuse some of them sustained. He settled with the federal government for $45,000 in return for not being prosecuted for 454 counts of insurance fraud. The New Jersey Law Journal says his implementation of Straight is "quack." He has changed his name to Father Cassian. A group that tracks abusive priests tracks him. (For more information on this extraordinary villain see The Miller Newton Story.)

And now, last month, in a PumpGate court deposition in Florida Betty Sembler made this incredible statement about Miller Newton, "[Miller Newton is] a very close and dear friend and a valued one." Then she calls him "an outstanding individual." Mr. Newton is even a participant on the International Scientific and Medical Forum on Drug Abuse, a front group for Betty's Drug Free America Foundation. And there's more.

See Betty Sembler's deposition, page 99.

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