Sunday, October 29, 2006

Angelo Cappelli's secret weapon

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Angelo Cappelli is running as a Republican for Florida's District 52 and he has an impressive resume. A Yale graduate in economics and a Fordham University law degree plus an MBA and work experience on Wall Street with Goldman Sachs makes him a politician who knows something. And he's spent civic time too. He's a former Eagle Scout who's still active in scouting. Also he serves on several local boards including St. Anthony's Hospital Foundation, the Police Athletic League, Family Resources Inc., the Rotary Club of St. Petersburg and the Junior League of St. Petersburg. Besides his impressive array of smarts and civic responsibility, Angelo Cappelli has a secret weapon--his mother-in-law Marlene McCord who is Vice President of Political and Community Affairs for Sembler Company and "l'assistente personale" for former Ambassador Melvin Sembler, AO.

The Republican Party gave Cappelli $25,000 on Sept. 13 and another $25,000 on Oct. 10. In-kind party donations of $2,070, $3,000 and $9,971 were also made for total donations from the party of $65,000. Even former Republican Congressman Mark Foley's Republican Leadership PAC was good for $500. The Sembler clan (including sons and daughters-in-law) gave $6,500 in the maximum allowed $500 chunks that Sembler Company CEO Craig Sher says, "I would take offense to the notion that any politician is in the pocket of anyone. I don't believe a $500 contribution is going to influence anyone." Sher himself has given Cappelli three $500 chunks while Sembler Company gave just one. Sembler's partner Walter Loebenberg gave $550 ($250 + $300).

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