Sunday, January 11, 2009

Betty Sembler receives 2008 Lifetime Achievemment Award from DEA Museum Fdn

The incredible story of how a woman who founded a destructive drug rehabilitation cult got an award from the DEA, it would appear, for using her family's political influence buying to transform the cult into a national think tank on drug policy, for convincing the DEA to locate its world-wide training center down the street from her, and for turning the center's host into a major university.


Straight co-founder Betty Sembler has been given the 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award by the DEA Museum Foundation. Did you ever wonder who trains all those DEA agents and international narcotics policemen who gave Ms. Sembler a lifetime achievement award? Why it's Betty Sembler and her Straight program (now calling itself the Drug Free America Foundation). She's not only willing to take your tax money through the federal government's Small Business Administration which helps fund Straight, but she trains DEA agents through the BIG BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION--and I mean the U. S. Department of Defense through the MCTFT or Multijurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training program. According to MCTFT literature, the MCTFT is "in the forefront of counterdrug training for local, state and federal officials and their cooperative multijurisdictional counterdrug task force efforts. In cooperation with all the nation's HIDTAs, RISS, JTF-6, over twenty state narcotic officer's associations, the U.S. Military and a multitude of local, state and Federal agencies, MCTFT trains tens of thousands of law enforcement officials in hundreds of courses, conferences and satellite broadcasts each year." The MCTFT is an international anti-drug training program funded by the U. S. Department of Defense through the Florida National Guard.

The influence of Betty Sembler and Straight (DFAF) is obvious, everywhere. By-passing Cal Tech, Berkeley, Duke and MIT the MCTFT is strategically located in Saint Petersburg, Florida, minutes away from Betty's house, at that world renowned hall of academia, the Saint Petersburg Junior College on whose staff sat Father Doctor Doctor V. Miller Newton who's follow-on Straights have paid out millions for child abuse. [Dr. Newton was Betty's national clinical director at DFAF (Straight). Today he is on Betty's medical forum. In Sept. 2005 in a court deposition for PumpGate Betty stated [Dr. Newton is] "an outstanding individual . . . [and] a very close and dear friend and a valued one."]

Betty Sembler is on the MCTFT Advisory Board along with Florida's drug czar James McDonough, the head of Florida's state police (FDLE) James T. Moore, the head of Florida's national guard Major General Ronald O. Harrison, and of course the the Sheriff of Pinellas County Everett S. Rice. There are a few board members outside of Florida. Captain Donald R. Martin of the Virginia State Police holds the international chair [the Virginia State Police Association has sponsored PANDAA, an anti-drug organized founded by some Straight parents in Virginia], Aldine N. Moser, Jr., Executive Director, National Sheriff's Association, Robert Stewart, Executive Director, National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives, and a few others.

In by-gone days we at the Oakton Institute have been openly critical of the US government's decision to host a federal program with international reach at a mere junior college. There is good reason to believe that that decision had been influenced because of MCTFT's ties to to America's First Family of the War on Drugs, Mel and Betty Sembler. In 2001 Florida state Senator Donald C. Sullivan (formerly secretary of Straight Foundation) proposed a bill to make Saint Petersburg Junior College a full-fledged university which subsequently it has become. It is now Saint Petersburg College and University Center.

Governor Crist, Dr. Sullivan, did we cause you guys to turn that institution into a major university? We think so. That story is here.

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